Female, 35 years, 2 children, married

For 4 months I had been feeling bad. I began to fret more and more and I slept poorly. Lying awake at night a lot and having less and less energy.
When I went to see the family doctor for the 3rd time she said : “maybe you have depression…” But at the ZZ institutions near me they did have waiting lists of 6 months or longer. Well, I was horrified to hear that.

I then started searching on Google myself and that’s when I came across GGZonline. I sent a short message through the website and was called after a day. I got my intake interview after only 1 week. I am now 3 months with the treatment better and everything is going much better…!


Female 56 years, single, 1 child

I am sometimes very anxious. Of all kinds of unclear things. Then I wake up early and I feel this knot in my stomach…as if a big stone is pressing on it…..I have become increasingly nervous because of this. Loud noises, crowds, everything quickly becomes too much for me. But especially that fear. I went to see the psychologist who works in my family doctor’s practice a few times. She said that I have an anxiety disorder and that I should be referred to the Specialized Mental Health Care. Unfortunately, it was January and I could only come to the 1st interview in May…. I didn’t want that. I started looking on the internet and that’s when I came across GGZonline. On the website it says they have no waiting lists. And indeed, I registered and could start treatment after 1.5 weeks. The treatments are online, so I don’t have to travel and I’m just in my own familiar surroundings. After 3 months I was done with the treatment. I am doing fine now….!

Male, 26 years old, studying, single

I am in the final year of my studies in International Business. Pretty tough that last year. But especially the last 2 years have been very tough. Because of that Corona, all sorts of things stopped happening. You see fewer and fewer people. And the combination of stress and tension with that loneliness killed me. Eventually, my thoughts became increasingly gloomy, I slept worse and worse, and I was tired all day. The whole rhythm you should normally have was gone. My thoughts grew darker and more hopeless. The family doctor wanted me to be treated at the mental health center in our area, but they have a long waiting list. I wanted to be helped quickly, because otherwise I saw my graduation in jeopardy. A friend of mine had seen on the Internet that at GGZonline there was no waiting list. Fortunately, I was able to start quickly. I have been in treatment for over 2 months now and my therapist at GGZonline says I can complete treatment next month. I am totally going to graduate this year…!