What is the cost of EMDR treatment?

Good health is important, both your physical and mental health. We would like to feel good both physically and mentally. For example, where doctors and physios help with physical complaints, psychologists can help you with mental complaints.

For example, EMDR therapy is used with people who have difficulty putting a major event or period behind them. Through EMDR sessions, you can better put shocking experiences behind you. Because EMDR has been used for 25 years with good results, treatments are reimbursed through health insurance companies.

We will tell you more about what the cost of EMDR treatment is for you in this article.

What exactly does EMDR entail?

EMDR therapy involves working with a therapist to process profound events. This is done by talking about the period or experiences while being distracted at the same time. This distraction can be through sounds played alternately left or right, or through a moving object that you must follow with your eyes.

Because part of your brain is occupied with other things, you are (unconsciously) not fully focused on the trauma or unpleasant experience. This makes the event slightly less well stored. After all, the brain is distracted. By doing this several sessions in a row, the profound event fades more and more. As a result, there is less and less emotion associated with the events, allowing you to process them better.

EMDR is thus not a one-time intervention, but a series of several sessions in which a little improvement is achieved each time. Because EMDR has clear value, these sessions are covered by health insurance. However, there are some conditions for this.

When is EMDR reimbursed by the health insurance company?

EMDR falls under basic mental health care (GGZ). This means that the treatment is reimbursed within the basic insurance. Therapy is fully reimbursed within this, with no statutory co-payment. Note that this is different from the deductible.

Full reimbursement does require, however, that post traumatic stress disorder has been diagnosed. This is done by the family doctor, who can then also give you a referral to a licensed EMDR therapist.

It is important to note, however, that the deductible may apply. This means that if your deductible has not yet been used in the year you receive EMDR therapy, you do have to pay your deductible contribution.

If you have already paid this with other care, you will not pay this deductible again.

Online EMDR therapy

At GGZonline, we offer specialty mental health services.

How can you get reimbursed for EMDR therapy at GGZonline?

We are a fully accredited provider of EMDR. This means that our online therapy is reimbursed in exactly the same way as offline therapy. This means that it is also important with us that you are referred by your primary care physician.

In fact, this referral is required by the health insurance company.

It is always advisable to check with us about reimbursement. Because in one case, there may be a health insurance company with different agreements. However, this is rare because we have good agreements with all major health insurers. So in those cases, the therapy is free of charge.

Welcome to GGZonline, the place for EMDR therapy

We offer our therapy entirely online. This means we work without waiting lists and can be much more flexible. So you simply follow the therapy in your own safe home environment.

The quality is as high as that of therapy that is not given online, therefore, like all institutions, we are regularly inspected and always pass these inspections with flying colors.

We are happy to help you if you have questions or need more information. You can also schedule an appointment anytime immediately, when you want to start therapy.

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