Customized online treatment

Step 3 is the most important step in the process of your treatment. Treatment is done entirely online from your own familiar environment. You can use your own computer or phone and you don’t need any special software. We provide intensive professional treatment tailored to your needs and fully secured.

How does the treatment work?

Together with you we will work to remove more and more negative things and replace them with ordinary things that will make you feel “happy” again. And that can’t happen overnight, but starting from the first week, we’re going to get the first results as soon as possible.

The goal is to have you experience a much better “quality of life” after only 2 months. We have good professional observation methods for that, so you can also see the results achieved, in addition to the fact that you will experience it yourself. In order to give you enough attention and time, we work with sessions of 75 minutes.

Together with you we want to achieve the best treatment result possible. That’s why we look at whether intensive treatment is also possible and whether you want it too! Intensive means 2 appointments a week instead of 1, as in almost all other mental health institutions. Because GGZ Wijzer is also in the evening hours and in the can schedule weekend treatments and online works, a second treatment in the week is easier to achieve.

Where it makes sense, we will EMDR bring as a treatment method into the sessions. This is a very proven methodology that can be successfully used more and more in depression, at certain times. To that end, GGZ Wijzer has a nice innovative software that allows the psychologist to very easily use EMDR in an online treatment. We work according to the Dutch EMDR-Standard protocol.


We are going to help you with the help of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy adjust your way of thinking, which immediately affects your feelings. We also help you modify your behavior, which in turn allows you to do more activities that take you out of the negative circle thinking.


Second phase is aimed at properly analyzing and continuing to encourage the effect of behavior change. At the same time, automatic negative thoughts are removed.


Third stage is mainly focused on “putting down” fixed mindsets and things differently such as “avoiding” things and activities. You will find yourself becoming much more the “own director” of your life again.


The fourth phase is mainly focused on understanding how to cope with difficult, suddenly arising situations, without falling back into depressive feelings. This will make you stronger and prevent possible future relapses.

Frequently asked questions about treatment

GGZonline is not like every GGZ, we get that. Our online treatment approach may raise questions because it deviates from the norm. On the right you will find the answers to the top 3 most frequently asked questions about our treatment. If you still have a question or just want to consult with us without any obligation, Then contact us today.

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What does treatment via GGZonline give me?

It is the goal of GGZonline and its psychologists to help you get rid of your anxiety and/or depression as quickly as possible, so that you can quickly get back to living a normal and happy life. This is possible because:

  • You will be helped quickly (no waiting lists);
  • Your treatment is online (takes place in your home situation);
  • You will be helped at times that suit you (possibly in the evening or on weekends).
How long does a treatment last on average?

We aim to successfully complete the entire treatment process in 2-4 months for treatment concerning an anxiety disorder or 5-6 months for depression. However, soon after treatment begins, the goal is that you will already start to feel a little better and that you will observe this improvement over and over again. So the result does not come at the end of the treatment but we start experiencing it along the way.

How many people are getting better?

Virtually all anxiety disorders are treatable, including online. As a rule, treating an anxiety disorder can be completed over a shorter period of time than treating depression, for example.

Our step-by-step process

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1. Application

The first step in the process is to sign up. This can be done through your doctor or by signing up yourself.

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2. Diagnosis

In the first online appointment, we establish the diagnosis. This forms the basis for further treatment.

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3. Online treatment

Then the intensive online treatment starts. This is done familiarly from within your own environment.

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