The development of online psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is used as a treatment method for various psychological problems or mental disorders. It is a conversational treatment method performed by a psychotherapist who must have specialized psychotherapy training.

There are many different forms of psychotherapy. Well-known therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR and systemic therapy. Psychotherapy can be offered individually, as well as in groups or with the system, or family.

In addition, psychotherapy can be offered online these days. This article provides more information about this type of therapy, when it is offered and how it works.

The origins of online psychotherapy

There is a wide range of online psychotherapy available today. It started with online diaries and questionnaires that clients could fill out from home. At one point, e-health modules were also set up and clients could take online psychoeducation.

Since the corona crisis, the development of online psychotherapy has been very rapid. In the lockdown, most people had to work from home so there could be as little face-to-face contact as possible.

Furthermore, people had to stay at home for long periods of time when complaints arose, forcing many therapists who normally offered their treatment face-to-face to do so via image calling.

Emergence of online psychotherapy

How does it work?

During an intake interview, the therapist will ask about your symptoms and determine which therapy might be useful and best for you. The therapist may also ask you to fill out some questionnaires to further assess your symptoms and their severity. There will be between five and 12 sessions, similar to face-to-face therapy, depending on your symptoms. After each session, you may be given homework that you can work with independently in your own environment.

Online psychotherapy can offer the same as face-to-face treatment. Several types of psychotherapy can be delivered online, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Online psychotherapy can work just as well as face-to-face therapy. In addition, online therapy is a lot more flexible because it takes less time and you can easily book an extra session in between. This is also why after the corona era, this type of therapy continued.

Whether psychotherapy succeeds does not depend on whether it is online or offered through face-to-face treatment. Most important is the click you have with your therapist and the form of therapy offered.

“Online psychotherapy is ideal for people who are physically or mentally unable to get therapy on site.”

Why online psychotherapy?

Why online psychotherapy?

Online psychotherapy is ideal for people who are physically or mentally unable to receive therapy on-site. These may include people who are abroad, have physical complaints or suffer from extreme fatigue.

In addition, the threshold for starting therapy is lower if this can also be done online, since this way the therapy is given from your own familiar surroundings and you can easily register online.

In this way, there are still many people who start therapy who otherwise might not have done so or not until much later, precisely because it is possible to do therapy online.

Online psychotherapy at GGZonline

Do you have psychological symptoms that just won’t go away and are interested in online psychotherapy? The psychotherapists at GGZonline have extensive experience providing online psychotherapy.

They will schedule an intake meeting with you to explore what you are struggling with and see if online psychotherapy is right for you. After this, they will work with you to develop a request for help and a treatment plan to reduce your symptoms as quickly as possible.

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