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    Explanation own contribution

    For the treatments of GGZonline you always pay, in addition to possible excess, a personal contribution. Upon registration, you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions. At the bottom of this page you can request and download the Terms and Conditions.

    The amount depends on your health care provider and policy. Check the rates page or contact your health insurance provider.

    Request a referral letter

    Please note that a referral letter from your primary care physician is always required.

    Don’t know who your family doctor is? If so, please contact your nearest family doctor’s office. They can verify who your family doctor is.

    The family doctor can send the referral letter via ZorgDomein. See the blue logo of GGZonline.

    Intake with Psychologist

    The intake interview is a Q&A in which we determine how we can help you. We conclude this conversation by suggesting a psychologist and schedule a follow-up meeting for diagnosis.

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    2. Diagnosis

    In the first online appointment, we establish the diagnosis. This forms the basis for further treatment.

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    3. Online treatment

    Then the intensive online treatment starts. This is done familiarly from within your own environment.

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