Referrers and clients welcome at GGZonline

Referrers and clients who suspect they have a mental illness are welcome to experience GGZonline’s online services starting in May 2020. If you sign up, you will be called promptly (within 24 hours). You will then be explained the treatment options. An appointment will be made for you quickly with an experienced psychologist. You will be given a link to the initial questionnaires that will be the subject of discussion at your first appointment.

Online diagnostics and treatment, just from your home: independent, with attention to all aspects that may influence your symptoms. During the first appointment, a diagnosis will be made and we will discuss with you what the best treatment will be. Your personal circumstances will be taken into account as much as possible. After that, follow-up appointments will be scheduled with you. As much as possible, we are going to make the treatment as intensive as possible. That means we will be scheduling 2 treatments per week. Indeed, scientific research has shown that intensive treatment produces faster and better results .

We hope to welcome you to our online center soon!

Team GGZonline