Psychological complaints where an online psychotherapist can help

Psychological complaints where an online psychotherapist can help

Psychotherapy is performed by a trained psychotherapist. It is a conversational treatment method used for various psychological problems or mental disorders. Since the corona crisis, online psychotherapy has also become increasingly popular. In online psychotherapy, treatment normally given face-to-face is now offered via image calling.

This article provides more information about what online psychotherapy entails, for which complaints online psychotherapy can be used, and for whom online psychotherapy is especially suitable.

What is the difference between online psychotherapy or face-to-face psychotherapy?

Actually, there is no difference between online psychotherapy and face-to-face treatment, except that treatment is offered via image calling and not all therapy is suitable for offering online. First, an online intake interview asks what symptoms you are experiencing and what you would like to achieve with therapy. The therapist can then determine which therapy might be appropriate for you.

Between sessions, you will work on your own with homework given to you by the therapist. This could include practicing new behaviors or exposing them to new situations. In the next session this can be discussed and so you go one step further each time.

For what psychological complaints is online psychotherapy appropriate?

Some examples of mental disorders where online psychotherapy can be used include depressive disorders, panic disorders, eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), ADHD and personality disorders.

In addition, online psychotherapy can also be used for psychological complaints such as phobias, addiction, burnout complaints, psychosomatic complaints, insecurity, complaints after trauma, stress or gloom.

To reduce symptoms, therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and EMDR may be chosen through online treatment. This online treatment can work just as well as face-to-face treatment.

Psychological complaints therapy

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The benefits of online psychotherapy

Especially for people who suffer from psychosocial problems or anxiety symptoms, for example, online psychotherapy can be very nice. This is because online therapy is a lot more approachable and accessible. You can easily make an appointment at a day and time that is convenient for you. You can also have easy contact with your practitioner between visits, such as via chat. You can attend therapy from your own familiar surroundings, allowing you to focus entirely on the treatment itself.

For people who feel mentally or physically unable to travel to a treatment location, online therapy can be a way out. For example, people who suffer from extreme fatigue or anxiety symptoms, cannot leave home because they have to stay with their children, have physical complaints or are abroad.

In addition, waiting times for online psychotherapy are often many times shorter than for face-to-face treatment. Sometimes it is even possible to start the online treatment immediately. Thus, online psychotherapy is very suitable for people who do not want to or cannot continue walking around with their symptoms.

What can the online psychotherapists at GGZ online do for you?

Do you suffer from psychological symptoms, think you cannot get rid of them yourself and want to be helped quickly? The psychotherapists at GGZ online have extensive experience assessing your symptoms and offering appropriate treatment through online psychotherapy.

They will work with you during an intake interview to explore questions about what bothers you and how it affects your daily functioning. Then we will determine what kind of online psychotherapy is appropriate for you. A request for help and treatment goals will then be established with you so that the symptoms will diminish as quickly as possible.

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