Our therapists offer online cognitive therapy

Our therapists offer online cognitive therapy

About two in five Dutch people will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. Psychological complaints are certainly not exceptional anymore. Therefore, therapists are in high demand in the Netherlands at the moment, and waiting times are increasing. If you sign up for treatment now, it is common for your treatment not to start for more than three months!

In recent times, some institutions have even experienced a patient freeze, whereby no patients could be placed on the waiting list at all for a certain period of time.

At GGZonline, this is not the case. Because we offer our therapy online, we are able to help more people. Therefore, there are no waiting times at GGZonline. You can come to us directly for cognitive therapy.

What is cognitive therapy?

Cognitive therapy has been proven effective for people with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social phobia and post-traumatic stress disorder. The treatment method is much loved by science. In addition, the therapy has long-lasting positive effects.

Cognitive therapy is not the same for everyone. The treatment logically depends on the type of problem the client is facing. Thus, the term “cognitive therapy” includes many different types of treatment methods.

The process in cognitive therapy

The different forms of cognitive therapies can be vastly different from each other, but they all share the same premise. Cognitive therapy assumes that psychological problems are related to incorrect thinking. In cognitive therapy, your therapist uses techniques to change the way you think so that you can better deal with your problems in the future.

You and your therapist will first try to understand the problem as best as possible. After this, appropriate strategies are applied to help you with your problem. This could be anything, such as developing an understanding of certain behaviors of other people, improving mental calm or facing fears.

These are just a few examples. These strategies are not used in every cognitive therapy. Which strategies are used depends on the problem you are dealing with.

cognitive therapy
cognitive behavior

Does “online” come at the expense of quality of treatment?

We can well imagine that you have doubts about the effectiveness of online treatment. In psychological therapy, therefore, it is incredibly important that you are the focus and that you are treated with great care and attention. You can be confident that our treatments are as personalized as treatments where you are physically present.

Scientific research on this topic has shown that cognitive therapy online is just as effective. In addition, clients usually find online therapy very enjoyable. Thus, the fact that the therapy is applied online does not at all compromise the quality of the treatment.

At almost all other mental health institutions in the Netherlands this would be once a week. In this way, we hope to achieve the best treatment result possible in consultation with you.

At GGZonline, we offer specialty mental health services.

The benefits of online cognitive therapy

Online treatment is incredibly practical. You can just follow the therapy at home, in your own familiar environment. Our therapists are also available in the evenings and on weekends. So in this way we are working completely coronaproof. We also bypass long waits, travel times and travel costs. So you can follow the therapy where and when you want. We quickly provide you with the care you need in a highly flexible manner.

Do not hesitate to seek help

So are you looking for therapy and don’t want to wait too long? Then you can come to us. One of our professionals will personally provide you with the psychological help you need. Psychological problems are normal. For us, there is no taboo on seeking help for mental health problems. Your mental health is important; we are here for you if you need help. Do not hesitate and contact us if you are not doing well psychologically.

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