Our Team

Our team of professionals consists of GZ psychologists and NIP registered psychologists with extensive experience in the field of triage and diagnostics and treatment within the specialized mental health care of depression and anxiety disorders in particular.


“Although anxiety and mood symptoms manifest similarly in many people, everyone has their own story. I want to work with you to find out the origins and correlations, and how to deal with them.”

Nicolien Severijnse

Psychologist | Online Therapist

“My experience is in the area of trauma and grief, among others. Sometimes you get stuck in behaviors that were once healthy or functional responses to unpleasant events. With my holistic vision I support you in processing this. “

Rebecca Plough

Psychologist | Online Therapist

With an open and curious mind, I try to work with you to make unconscious processes more conscious. This makes you feel that you are back in control of how you respond to certain circumstances that may arise in life. “You can’t control the direction of the wind, but you can control the position of your sails.”

Lotte Cuperus

Psychologist | Online Therapist

I am empathetic, work sincerely and get to the point quickly. In conversations I try, together with you, to get moving again from your own strength and to take real steps. In addition, I think it is important that in the conversations you feel you have the space to be yourself.

Anne Spigt

Psychologist | Online Therapist

Anouk Elzerman

Psychologist | Online Therapist

Paula Koolmees

Psychologist | Online Therapist

Laura Wester

Psychologist | Online Therapist

Fouzia el Idrissi

Psychologist | Online Therapist

”From an equal therapeutic relationship, we work together. After all, nobody knows you better than you yourself. I am there to give you the tools you need. Connecting to your needs is very important to me, but there may also be challenges.”

Valerie Gaulhofer

Psychologist | Online Therapist

Louise van de Poll

Psychologist | Online Therapist

Femmy Vrieze

Psychologist | Online Therapist

“In a safe environment and familiar atmosphere, I take the time to get to know you and listen carefully to your personal challenges and developments. I dare to confront lovingly, often with humor. My style is involved, down-to-earth, motivating and positive.”

Felicia Seven

Psychologist | Online Therapist

Busra Ayasli

Psychologist | Online Therapist

Fatiha Karimi

Psychologist | Online Therapist

Evelyne Peeters

Psychologist | Online Therapist

‘Anyone can develop mental symptoms, it’s nice when you can be helped quickly then. I believe it is important to work in a value- and help-driven way, so that you start to experience a grip on your life again!

Tessa Hoskam

Psychologist | Online Therapist

Michelle Warner

Psychologist | Online Therapist

Riad Al-Abbasi

Psychologist | Online Therapist

Directing Dealers

Sandra Vaes


Izi Faes


Daan Reijnders

Nurse Specialist Mental Health Care | Regiebehandelaar

Front Office

Corine Krooshof

Front Office

Jasper Thielen

Front Office Coordinator

Beyza Yildirim

Front Office


Zowy Zitter

Employee finance | Client administration

Chris Stoof

IT Specialist | System Administrator

Diana Bingen

Employee Back Office

Management Team

“Experience in training psychologists, developing and improving care pathways, and supervising.”

Björn Henkes

Manager Care | GZ psychologist

Care manager who wants to facilitate psychologists.
Experience in providing supervision.
Develop short- and long-term care policies.

Marco van de Noort

Operational Manager Healthcare | Psychotherapist

Antoine van der Zanden

Financial Management

Margreet Schroevers

Manager of Operations

Bas Steenbergen

General Manager a.i.

In memoriam John Deighton

John Patrick Deighton, founder and figurehead of GGZonline is died Feb. 15, 2023. He was someone with great faith in the qualities of others and sometimes maddening, always saw opportunities. The establishment of GGZonline on December 11, 2018 is a great example of this. John was seriously ill for several months. Because his treatment seemed to be working, his death came unexpectedly. He would have been 65 on Feb. 26e birthday celebration. As he often put it himself; ‘I am a young man and will be around for years to come’. It was not to be. The loss of his inspiration, strength and pioneering ideas is a great loss.

Bas Steenbergen

Director GGZonline a.i.

About GGZonline

A quick introduction to our team. GGZonline is a nationwide online Specialist Mental Health Treatment Center for clients with suspected mental illness. Our goal is to provide everyone, without waiting times, with appropriate and effective online treatment where results are paramount. GGZonline is recognized by the Ministry of Health: AGB Code 22221101

  • We work entirely online
  • Are an accredited mental health institution
  • Have hardly any waiting lists
  • And offer customized online treatments
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