General Terms and Conditions

Our services are subject to the General Delivery Terms of GGZ Nederland.

What are the general terms and conditions of delivery for GGZ (ALV)?
If you receive help from GGZonline, we will make treatment arrangements together. Accompanying these appointments are the ALV. The ALV does not state what help a person needs, but it does state what GGZonline and you must adhere to. For example, rules about security and privacy. But also what information GGZonline should give you. And that you need to identify yourself.

Rights and Obligations
The rules of the ALV are not new. The ALV includes topics that have been in place for some time under the Medical Treatment Agreement Act. That law describes the rights and obligations of clients in healthcare. The terms of delivery have been established nationally and have been drawn up in consultation between GGZ Nederland, the National Platform GGZ, the Patient Federation NPCF and the Consumers’ Association.

Download here General terms and conditions GGZonline