Referral letter

The minimum requirements for the referral letter are:

Date of referral (this may be up to six months before the first treatment date)

Name and position of the referrer

AGB code of the referrer

BIG registration code of the referring physician

Client data (name, address and date of birth)

Indicate the presence or suspicion of a mental disorder.

Possibly naming the disorder (DSM-5 code or otherwise), supplemented by the primary help question

Indicate referral to Specialized Mental Health Care for treatment

Signature of referrer (and practice stamp if applicable)

referral letter

About GGZonline

A quick introduction. GGZonline is a nationwide online Specialist Mental Health Treatment Center for clients with suspected mental illness. Our goal is to provide everyone, without waiting times, with appropriate and effective online treatment where results are paramount. GGZonline is recognized by the Ministry of Health : AGB Code 22221101
  • We work entirely online
  • Are an accredited mental health institution
  • Have hardly any waiting lists
  • And offer customized online treatments
ggz online

How do we help you?

GGZonline is a fully online mental health institution. We provide specialist mental health services (SGGZ). So we can offer longer treatments. We are a nationwide diagnostic and treatment center. We treat clients with a mental health condition such as a
anxiety disorder
. Each health insurance company reimburses most of the costs (about 80%). We do not have waiting lists, so you can be dealt with quickly. Our treatment includes cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy and EMDR.

We work fully online following the latest innovations such as secure image calling, e-learning and e-health. This makes us a healthcare facility without a physical location. So that offers a lot of convenience for you. We are recognized by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport as a WTZi institution (GGZ institution).