Insured care

GGZonline is a Specialized Mental Health Care institution recognized by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

At the end of treatment, the client can submit the total bill and associated DBC (Diagnosis Treatment Combination) information to the health insurance company. The treatment, reporting and collaboration between the psychologist and the directing practitioner is in accordance with the requirements of the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). The costs are covered by the basic policy of every health insurance company. GGZonline invoices a lower price, than the maximum prices allowed by the NZa. GGZ Wijzer bills approximately 87.5% of the allowable NZa price.
The health insurance company will reimburse approximately 75-80 of the actual billed costs.

The invoice and records will be delivered digitally to the client so that the client can easily submit it to the health insurance company by email or app, depending on the health insurance company’s process.

The client needs to check if his/her insurer wants to ask for permission prior to the treatment by means of an authorization form. Our front office can help.

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About GGZonline

A quick introduction. GGZonline is a nationwide online Specialist Mental Health Treatment Center for clients with suspected mental illness. Our goal is to provide everyone, without waiting times, with appropriate and effective online treatment where results are paramount. GGZonline is recognized by the Ministry of Health: AGB Code 22221101

  • We work entirely online
  • Are an accredited mental health institution
  • Have hardly any waiting lists
  • And offer customized online treatments
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