Costs and insurance

The diagnostics and treatment at GGZonline are reimbursed by the basic insurance. Your client does need to take into account the statutory deductible of € 385 (January 2020 level) and any supplement to the deductible chosen by the client.

The client should check his/her own insurance policy to see if an authorization must be obtained prior to treatment. Our front office can help.

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Payment of treatment costs

Treatment at GGZonline is covered by basic health insurance. Most basic health insurance plans will cover 100% of the cost of that specialty mental health care only if there is a contract between the practitioner and the insurance company. In the case of GGZonline, those contracts are not yet in place. In this case, insurance usually pays a percentage of the actual cost of treatment. This is by far for most insurance policies generally 70-80 of the billed cost. There are some policies that even reimburse 85%. There are also some “budget policies” that reimburse 65%. So it depends on the insurance. If the client’s insurance does not cover 100% of the cost of treatment, we expect the client to pay the difference. That difference is called the co-payment. The client may have a reimbursement policy. In that case, the insurance does reimburse 100%. Questions about this topic can be directed to the contact person at GGZonline (088-2015500).

Fees are charged for intake and treatment. No charge will be made for the orientation meeting without obligation.

About GGZonline

A quick introduction. GGZonline is a nationwide online Specialist Mental Health Treatment Center for clients with suspected mental illness. Our goal is to provide everyone, without waiting times, with appropriate and effective online treatment where results are paramount. GGZonline is recognized by the Ministry of Health: AGB Code 22221101

  • We work entirely online
  • Are an accredited mental health institution
  • Have hardly any waiting lists
  • And offer customized online treatments
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What do we do?

GGZonline is a fully online mental health institution. We provide specialist mental health services (SGGZ). This is also described in our Quality Charter, which has been approved by the Netherlands Healthcare Institute. So we can offer longer treatments. We are a nationwide diagnostic and treatment center. We treat clients with a mental health condition such as a
anxiety disorder
. Each health insurance company reimburses most of the costs (approximately 70-80% of the amount we bill). We do not have waiting lists, so you can be dealt with quickly. Our treatment includes cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy and EMDR.

The client should check the policy conditions of his/her insurer whether an authorization must be requested from that insurer prior to treatment. Our front office can assist with this.

We work fully online following the latest innovations such as secure image calling, e-learning and e-health. This makes us a healthcare facility without a physical location. So that offers a lot of convenience for you. No need to download or install any software. We are recognized by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport as a WTZi institution (GGZ institution).