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GGZonline is a nationwide online treatment center for Specialized Mental Health Care. Practically speaking, GGZonline will also offer Basis GGZ treatments, as sometimes the transition from SGGZ to BGGZ or vice versa is desired in the best interest of the client. GGZonline is recognized by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and has a WTZi license with AGB code 22221101. GGZonline offers complete online diagnosis and treatment to clients with suspected mental illness. The prerequisite for an application for treatment at GGZonline is a referral letter from the general practitioner or psychiatrist for Specialist Mental Health Care.

GGZonline focuses primarily on clients with depression/depressive disorders and anxiety disorders.

Who is eligible?

Every client with a letter of referral for Specialist Mental Health Services can apply for treatment online. GGZonline maps out all of the client’s psychological symptoms, so the client’s care needs and care severity are immediately clear. We use triage and various decision trees for this purpose. Where appropriate, we also involve the client’s system in the diagnostic process.

After the diagnostics are performed, GGZonline discusses the results with the client and the psychologist immediately determines the treatment program and the first treatments are scheduled. GGZonline continues to keep the referrer well informed. GGZonline forwards the final report to the family physician or psychiatrist (if they are the referring physician).

Whenever possible, the psychologist will create a treatment program with the client for intensive treatment, i.e., 2 treatment sessions per week. This shortens the treatment time and results in a better treatment outcome.

Benefits of GGZonline

– Shorter waiting list
– Intensive treatment (2 sessions per week) is possible
– No travel time for client
– Online treatments are also available in the evenings and weekends
– Insured Specialist Mental Health Care (insurer reimburses from the basic policy approximately 80% of the
invoiced costs)

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