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At GGZonline, you get immediate online psychological help with no waiting times. You will be contacted within 24 hours of registration.
Currently, most wait times at mental health facilities average about 22 weeks, which is over 5 months! GGZonline aims to provide people with depression or anxiety symptoms with a customized diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible.

The team of professionals consists of GZ-psychologists and psychologists registered with NIP** (Dutch Institute of Psychologists) and is at your service.

What does online psychic help look like?

After you register, it is important to receive a referral letter from your primary care physician. The general practitioner can send it through Zorgdomein. After this is complete, you will be contacted within 24 hours.

A screening via an online questionnaire then follows to help establish a diagnosis, which is discussed during the first appointment. Then the online treatment starts, from the comfort of your own familiar environment.

To work safely and create a trusted environment, GGZonline operates using an advanced secure software. You can use your own computer or phone and you do not need any special software. How you then access the video call for online mental health help depends on the platform your practitioner uses. Often this is done very simply by clicking on a link you receive in your mail.

At GGZonline, we offer specialty mental health services.

Online sessions compared to physical sessions

With online therapy, we help you with psychological help from your familiar surroundings, from home or any other location. This is time-efficient and convenient when it is not physically or mentally possible for you to visit the psychologist.

Treatment via video call has been proven to be just as effective as on-site treatment. With the expertise and vast experience in online treatment, the practitioner gives you the same confidence as in the treatment room, but at a distance.
As with physical treatment, your practitioner will work with you to determine your needs and set up treatment. Fully focused on your symptoms and needs.

So it is easy, the contact is fast, you can stay in your own familiar environment, the connection is secure and that without a waiting list. This allows you to work quickly on your recovery, and the care does not have to be interrupted if something occurs that prevents you from leaving your home.


Frequently asked questions about the online treatment

GGZonline works in a way that is new to many people. Online treatment may raise questions because it may be something you are not used to yet. Here are the answers to the top 3 most frequently asked questions about treatment:

What does treatment via GGZonline give me?
The goal is to help you get rid of your symptoms as quickly as possible, so that you can soon return to a normal and happy life. So the therapy is similar in content to therapy where you visit the therapist.

How long does a treatment last on average?
This depends on your symptoms, but on average, treatment is completed between 2 and 5 months.

How many people are getting better?
This depends on your symptoms. Although most complaints are easily treatable, including online, some may return. During treatment, this will also be addressed and you will be given tools to prevent relapse.

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