GGZonline seeks members for Client Council

The Client Council of GGZonline

GGZonline continually strives to provide our clients with appropriate and effective -treatment, with the client’s outcome being paramount.
Therefore, we are constantly working to improve the services of our organization. Therefore, this is one of the reasons we established a Client Council.

GGZonline ‘s Client Council represents the interests of clients and monitors the quality of services.

What does the Client Council of GGZonline do?

Both client and family are represented on the council. The members of the Client Council help discuss the direction of GGZonline and our policies. They provide solicited and unsolicited advice, contributing to the ongoing development of our organization and the care we provide.

GGZonline is a 100% online operating organization. Similarly, the Client Council operates entirely online.

Members of the Client Council are: (former) clients, relatives of clients, or persons with specific expertise.

The duties of the Client Council:

  • Jointly study, analyze and review with other members requests for advice from the board and management. It is often the case that consent is sought from the Client Council before a decision is implemented.
  • Review issues presented by management that are directly or indirectly related to the proper functioning of the organization.
  • Participation in online Client Council meetings and any working groups and projects.
  • Liaise and consult with management/Council.

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More information or interested?

Do you find it interesting and valuable to become a member of the Client Council, or do you have any questions? Please contact us.