Suffering from an anxiety disorder?

You are not the only one. About 20% of people experience an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. For example, we know of specific phobias such as fear of flying, spiders or heights. But there are also many anxiety disorders that are more general and less defined. Our psychologists will work with you to see what types of anxiety you are experiencing and when a feeling of fear or even an anxiety or panic attack occurs. Virtually all anxiety disorders are treatable, including online.

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Frequently asked questions about an anxiety disorder

Like you, anyone suffering from one or more anxiety disorders often has many questions. For example, one wonders how best to treat the anxiety disorder and how long that treatment would take on average and what it would entail. Here on the right you will find the top 3 most frequently asked questions about an anxiety disorder and the answers. If you still have a question or just want to consult with us without any obligation, please contact us today

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What do I recognize an anxiety disorder by?

Feeling excessive anxiety and therefore behaving “differently” is very common! Anxiety has mainly to do with “preparing” yourself for an imminent danger in the (near) future. Fear involves more of a spike in your nervous system to “flee” or “fight” aimed at immediate danger. Sometimes there is fear of doing some (ordinary) things like calling someone, opening letters, meeting strange people. Fear of going shopping or fear of large spaces or open areas (agoraphobia). Sometimes there is fear of certain situations or animals. But we also know fear of flying and extreme fear of heights. But also think of fear of disease or infection (such as COVID-19)

An important point is that the experienced anxiety and/or fear affects your ordinary life and your therefore feel severely limited.

What does the treatment involve?

After we have clearly established with you what you are afraid of, what your fear(s) are, we are going to help you remove those feelings of fear with, among other things, the treatment method EMDR (see also We are also going to help you map out what things (images, sounds, pictures, smells, actions, places/locations) trigger those feelings of anxiety and we are going to reduce that effect as well.

Furthermore, with behavioral therapy, we are going to help you further and especially prevent you from suffering from it again.

Will my online treatment be reimbursed?

Yes, treatments are covered by your basic health insurance policy. You will be reimbursed for approximately 70% – 80% of your costs. Some insurers pay 85% If you have a reimbursement policy, you will be reimbursed 100%. (Please take into account the legally established deductible)

What can GGZonline do for me?

GGZonline provides online treatments For people with depressive symptoms or anxiety disorders. The treatment is done entirely online from your own familiar environment. You can use your own computer, tablet or phone and you don’t need any special software. We provide intensive professional treatment tailored to your needs and fully secured.

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1. Application

The first step in the process is to sign up. This can be done through your doctor or by signing up yourself.

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2. Diagnosis

In the first online appointments, we establish the diagnosis. This forms the basis for further treatment.

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3. Online treatment

Then the intensive online treatment starts. This is done familiarly from within your own environment.

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