Costs and insurance

The diagnostics and treatment at
are covered by the basic insurance. You do need to take into account a co-payment (see below for more information) and the statutory excess of €385(2022), and with any supplement to your deductible you may have chosen that is stated in your insurance policy. We recommend that you contact your health insurance provider for more information.

“Because of the rapidly growing inflation, many costs for GGZonline have increased rapidly recently. Unfortunately, this means that the costs for our clients will also increase slightly. Also the wage costs that are determined by the CAO GGZ have increased. Until now, GGZonline charged 87.5% of the maximum price allowed by the Dutch government (NZa). As of October 1, 2022, this will increase to 89.5%.”

As of January 1, 2022, the implementation of the so-called Care Performance Model has been introduced in the mental health sector.
It is not that care has become different because of the Care Performance Model. However, the method of funding has changed.

You will see that your notes have become simpler. For example, you can see exactly what date and with whom you had a consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

, “What will change for you in 2022?

Payment of treatment costs

Treatment at GGZonline is covered by basic health insurance. Most basic health insurance plans cover 100% of the costs for that specialist mental health care only if there is a contract between the practitioner and the insurance company. In the case of GGZonline, those contracts are not yet in place. In this case, insurance usually pays a percentage of the actual cost of treatment. This can vary between about 70% and 80% for the vast majority of insurance policies. There are some policies that even reimburse 85%. In addition, there are some “budget policies” , which charge a lower monthly premium, that reimburse 65%. So it depends on the insurance. If your health insurance company does not reimburse 100% of the cost of treatment, we expect you to pay the difference. That difference is called the co-payment. GGZonline charges a portion (90%) of the recommended price, set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa), to the client, reducing your co-payments.

You may have a reimbursement policy. In this case, the insurance does reimburse 100%. Questions about this topic can be directed to your therapist or contact person at GGZonline (088-2015500) and also to your Health Insurance Provider.

Fees are charged for intake and treatment. No charge will be made for the orientation meeting without obligation.

Be sure to sign the treatment agreement in a timely manner. This is necessary to get your medical expenses reimbursed (see Frequently Asked Questions: Why do I need to sign a treatment agreement?)

About GGZonline

A quick introduction. GGZonline is a nationwide online Specialist Mental Health Treatment Center for clients with suspected mental illness. Our goal is to provide everyone, without waiting times, with appropriate and effective online treatment where results are paramount. GGZonline is recognized by the Ministry of Health: AGB Code 22221101

  • We work entirely online
  • Are an accredited mental health institution
  • Have hardly any waiting lists
  • And offer customized online treatments
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