Frequently Asked Questions

We can imagine that you have questions. For the sake of overview, we have divided the most frequently asked questions into categories. If your question & answer is not among them, please feel free to contact us.


Online treatment, is it possible when the psychologist and client don't see each other "face to face"?

For a long time it was thought that the therapist had to see the client in real life to arrive at a proper diagnosis and treatment. In this, new insights have already come several years ago.

Face-to-face contact via a screen has been shown to be just as effective. An additional advantage at GGZonline: being able to choose your own time of day (possibly even in the evening or at the weekend), makes it possible for you to go deeper into questions in your own environment at a time that suits you.

Also, you don’t have to worry about having to get on your bike, on public transport or in your car after the interview. GGZonline provides treatment exclusively online. You can use your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone for this purpose.

Special software is not required. Online treatment offers many advantages such as no travel times; you undergo your treatment in your own familiar surroundings.

Online diagnosis and treatment / E-health is also supported by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa)

For which treatments can you go to GGZonline?

GGZonline focuses on treating depression/depressive mood disorders, anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

What mental health conditions/complaints are treated by GGZonline?

GGZonline focuses on people with depression (also called depressive mood disorders) and people with anxiety disorders. Incidentally, it is common for people who suffer from depression to also suffer from anxiety disorders.

Depression and anxiety disorders are the most common conditions within the mental health system.

In order to treat these indications, an institution must be able to offer Specialist Mental Health treatments and that is the case at GGZonline. Therefore, we can help you properly and quickly if you suffer from depression and/or anxiety disorders.

EMDR treatment: what does it mean?

EMDR is a treatment method that is considered the 1st choice therapy in the Netherlands for trauma and anxiety disorders. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, abbreviated to EMDR, is a therapy for people who continue to suffer from the effects of a shocking experience, such as an accident, sexual assault or violent incident.

EMDR was first described by American psychologist Francine Shapiro more than 25 years ago. In the years that followed, this procedure was further elaborated and developed into a full-fledged and effective therapeutic method. (see also )

GGZonline has very special and professional software available to apply EMDR during online treatment. This way of using EMDR has proven to be very successful.

Are the treatment providers psychologists?

All therapists at GGZonline are psychologists. You will have contact with the treating psychologist and the directing clinician during treatment. According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Dutch Care Authority (NZa) the primary care physician is a GZ-psychologist, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

The directing clinician determines the diagnosis in accordance with the DSM-5 classification, has regular contact with you and the psychologist during the treatment and is involved in the conclusion of the treatment and makes the final report and feedback to the referring physician.

Payments & insurance

Is the treatment covered by insured care?

Yes, treatment by GGZonline is simply insured care.

GGZonline is a specialized GGZ institution recognized by the Ministry of Health. AGB code 2221101. The diagnosis, subsequent treatment and reporting is done entirely within the guidelines of VWS and the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa).

As a result, the treatment falls within the coverage of the basic health insurance policy. So it doesn’t matter which insurer you are insured with. Some insurers impose conditions on treatment. Check your health insurer’s policy conditions to see if you need to request prior authorization for treatment. Or call your health insurance provider’s customer service

Online treatments are growing in popularity, which was partly caused by the COVID-19 crisis (“Coronavirus crisis”). Health insurers find it very difficult to offer contracts to very fast-growing health care institutions without building in a ceiling, i.e. a maximum number of clients to be treated. Therefore, GGZ Wijzer will not enter into contracts with health insurance companies for the time being.

The vast majority of insurers pay about 70-80 of the billed costs for non-contracted care under an in-kind policy. There are also some policies that even reimburse 85%. There are also some “budget policies,” which charge a lower monthly premium, that reimburse 65%. If you have a reimbursement policy, you will usually be reimbursed 100%. Further, of course, the deductible applies.

Be sure to sign the treatment agreement in a timely manner. This is necessary in order to have your medical expenses reimbursed (See also the question: Why do I have to sign a treatment agreement?)

How does it work with the payment of invoices?

Starting in 2022, you will receive a monthly invoice (see the question: what will change for you in 2022 ?). You can then submit this invoice to your health insurance company. Once you have received the reimbursement, you can use it to pay GGZonline’s invoice.

Please take into account a possible own contribution, in case your health insurance company does not reimburse 100%. (Source: Frequently Asked Questions) (see also the question: Does the treatment fall under insured care? )

What will change for you in 2022?

Effective January 1, 2022, the government will introduce the so-called Care Performance Model in the GGZ

The care itself remains unchanged, but the funding changes. Thus, you will find that notes are clearer. For example, you can see exactly what date and with whom you had a consultation, and how long it lasted (the indication, the time of the consultation, the drafting and adjustment of the care plan, the reporting time of the practitioner and the internal consultation between practitioners).

this regulation, which the Government is implementing as of January 1, 2022, may have consequences for you. For example, clients who started treatment in 2021 and whose treatment continues into 2022 will face a deductible for 2021 and 2022 respectively!


Is video calling even safe? What about privacy?

We use Webcamconsult so that the image calling is secure. You will receive a code from us for this after you are signed up.

Who gets to see my data?

In principle, both you and your GP (as referrer) receive the report in which the diagnosis and the result of the treatment are described. We’ll go over that with you and your doctor.

In our treatment agreement, we already ask you for permission to do so. Therefore, unless you actively withdraw consent yourself, the GP will also receive the information. This will be done via secure mail.

Image Calling

Does a client need special software on their computer?

No, you don’t need any special software. And you don’t have to download any software either. All you need is an email address.

After registering, you will be sent a link that will take you to the Embloom ‘environment’, where a questionnaire can be completed. This questionnaire will help you arrive at a 1st diagnosis.

You will then receive a link and a code to log in to Webcamconsult, a secure video calling environment. You can log in from 30 minutes prior to your appointment and you will enter the virtual waiting room. The treating psychologist can then have you come in to the “virtual consulting room.

You can use a desktop, a laptop or a tablet. Even with a good smartphone, you can log in without question.

I have no experience at all with computers/image calling, now what?

It’s no problem at all if you have little experience with computers, or with image calling. All you need is an email address.

We will send you a link. Clicking on it will take you to an automated questionnaire. Then you will also be sent a link with which you can log in to Webcamconsult from half an hour before the first appointment. Everything goes automatically after that.

Does a client have to live in the Netherlands?

It doesn’t matter where you live. So you can also live abroad. There are many Dutch people living abroad who need care. Even if you live in a different ‘time zone’, treatment at GGZonline is no problem.

If you don’t speak Dutch, but you do speak English, we will see if an English-speaking practitioner is available.


As a referrer, how do I get feedback?

Both the client and the referring physician receive a final report from us upon completion of treatment. You will be asked to give permission for this at the start of treatment.

Why do I need to sign a treatment agreement?

The treatment agreement is a legal requirement to enter treatment at GGZonline.

You will need this treatment agreement to get your costs reimbursed by your health insurance.

This treatment agreement contains the agreements made with you, the client. This treatment agreement complies with various requirements, guidelines, laws and regulations as described in the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO).

Is a referral/referral from a general practitioner or psychiatrist required.

You can also apply for treatment without a referral from a general practitioner or psychiatrist. However, GGZonline recommends that a client does contact a general practitioner first, because even after treatment it is important that the general practitioner continues to support you.

A referral letter is important if you want to claim the costs from the health insurance company. The health insurance company will only reimburse the costs if the referral letter from a general practitioner or psychiatrist is dated BEFORE the diagnosis and treatment started. So you have to take that into account.

For burnout/burnout symptoms, you do not need a referral. Health insurance companies do not reimburse the cost of burnout treatment. The cost of burnout treatment is usually reimbursed by the employer, however. You must discuss this with the employer in advance.

GGZonline may, if you wish, contact the employer in advance to explain the treatment.

What about if I have multiple types of symptoms/mental illnesses?

Other frequently asked questions areIf you also have other conditions such as autism, addiction disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, burnout or any other condition, online treatment for depression, anxiety disorder or panic attacks is usually quite possible.

It is best to request a free and non-binding informative talk by phone 088-2015500 or via email

My symptoms are very serious! Can I even be helped?

This is a common question! Indeed, many clients report that they perceive their symptoms to be very severe and limiting. Almost nothing works anymore and everything looks bleak and bad…! This is a very normal picture.

Fortunately, the treatments are proven successful and over 90% of people with depression and anxiety symptoms experience rapid relief from their symptoms. Approximately 70-80% even become completely symptom free again and in 20-40% the symptoms become so minor that they can cope well.

At GGZonline, the emphasis is on getting the severity of the symptoms down quickly in the first place, getting the “pain” out. You then quickly have the feeling that you can participate in society again, lead a normal life. EMDR (see can be an excellent tool for this.

In addition, where possible, we will schedule 2 sessions per week to get results as quickly as possible.

Want to contact an online psychologist?

Do you have symptoms that indicate depression or an anxiety disorder? Then schedule a free consultation with one of our psychologists, or apply directly. No waiting list. We will contact you within 24 hours of registration.